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  • Come, take a walk back in time
  • ...where folks still sit on porches and chat with passing neighbors
  • ...and the Victorian Era is preserved with care

Asbury Grove Welcomes You

The Asbury Grove Historical Society welcomes you!

Very Special Event coming up!: May 24, 2017 "Asbury Grove and the American Camp Meeting Movement"
Author Sara Hines (Cottage Communities: The American Camp Meeting Movement) will present the program at the Hamilton-Wenham Library beginning at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30pm. The presentation will feature a slide show and talk by Sara about the history of this 19th Century movement, concentrating on Asbury Grove and it's history. A question and answer period will follow. Please note that the Asbury Grove Historical Society and the Hamilton Historical Society are jointly presenting this program!

The website is dedicated to sharing the history of Asbury Grove, a Christian camp meeting community founded in 1859, located in the town of Hamilton, part of magnificent Essex County, Massachusetts.  Our goal is to support Asbury Grove through education, highlighting the conservation of our architectural heritage, preservation of our archives, fundraising activities, and encouraging community participation in sharing this ongoing story. The AGHS website presents a variety of educational resources that connect visitors to the history of this historically Methodist camp meeting community,  and encourages people to participate in the programs and fellowship that we offer today. Visitors of all faiths are welcome to view this important slice of American history.

The National Register of Historic Places has listed Asbury Grove (Asbury Grove Historic District) in recognition of the religious, architectural, and cultural significance of its long history and strong heritage.

Please visit Asbury Grove and join us for our events!

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This website is a volunteer endeavor of Members of the Board and Committees of the Asbury Grove Historical Society. The site designer and developer is Isa C., Trustee, MediaArchitects.org